Residential, commercial or industrial, structural to cosmetic, Concrete Prescriptions is the service company dedicated to concrete repair and waterproofing of foundations and concrete structures. Specializing in the injection of a variety of epoxies and urethanes, Concrete Prescriptions can make any concrete structure permanently waterproof, as well as protect the structure against mold, radon gas, and pest intrusion.   
Concrete is everywhere- it is the material of choice in heavy construction and foundations. It's sheer mass and compressive strength make it one of the most substantial materials ever. But, concrete is prone to cracking from shrinkage and settling. Freeze/thaw cycles, heavy equipment, and blasting can also cause damage. Concrete Prescriptions has the unique ability to repair any resulting defect efficiently and effectively.   
In addition to injection services, Concrete Prescriptions also provides a variety of protective coatings and drainage solutions. For a more in depth explanation of how different jobs are best handled, please visit our other pages, or contact us directly.